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PCM is a home training app that aids in all of your home workout ambitions. We show you how to do everything form A-Z in fitness. Designed by seasoned personal trainer, William Hall. William has been training clients for years in the gym and in in-home settings. Through his passion for the industry, William wanted to give everyone the tools to get not only great and diverse workouts at home, but to provide arguably better workouts than you get in the gym also.

"I believe the home setting allows participants to become more in-tune and aware of their own body and existence. My home exercise program promotes users to develop a close relationship with their body and thus be able to further customize my exercises for their body's, specific needs. When this relationship is established, you will be able to shape and mold your body the way you desire."

"Because of my experience, I am able to scale my exercises and workouts to properly fit into five categories, healthy adults, healthy adults advanced, seniors, seniors advanced, and athletes. Do not underestimate PCM's ability to meet these demographics at whatever level a person may be. With a 7 day free trial, take the challenge and change your workout experience today."

Welcome Trainers/Therapists

90% of PCM Fitness' exercises are custom. These are exercises not vastly use in the industry. It took me years to fine-tune common exercises to fit my clients a little better than the general. And of course, I went beyond that. I'm that trainer in the gym that many trainers say, "ok, I have to use/try that". That's just the way I'm put together and my strength. I know all trainers have their strength areas but customizing and creating exercise turned out to be a natural talent. Yes, there's plenty of things I suck at but not exercise creation and implementation (haha). With that said, if you are a trainer and you need new ideas, or training is seeming redundant, or you just need something fresh to get you excited again about what it is you do, PCM is not in short supply. If you train clients in-home, the PCM model can open your home training spectrum tremendously. We show you how to do full body, quality workouts and corrective/recovery exercises , with little to no equipment. The PCM app shows you world's of things to do with your clients. try the 7 day free trial to see the difference our model can make for your training business!


You have equipment, limited equipment, no equipment? No worries!! PCM is in all of these spaces and shows you how you can get into great shape with whatever you have and don't have.

Use my videos to design programs and routines for yourself for one day or an entire week. Change up and rearranger my videos to consistently get stimuli from your workouts. The purpose of workouts is to stimulate our bodies. If you are not doing this, start doing it today with PCM.

Choose your classification (healthy adult, healthy adult advanced, senior, senior advanced, or athlete), then explore our vast library. When you see exercises you like, click the fav icon to save it to your favorites list. Then go to your "favorites" list and arrange your chosen videos into program and routine order for one or more days of the week.


Our videos are tremendously easy to follow. "Max Effect" let's you know which muscles to keep activated during your exercises and our target muscle manikins tells you what to activate, relax, and stretch for exercise accuracy. Plus our model (me haha) do a pretty ok job at showing you how to execute form. All of these work together to give our users the best and most close experience at working with a personal trainer in-person. But with PCM, you can train as much as you like, change your routine as often as you like, and train whenever you like, right from home with no raise in training cost over our low monthly member subscription charge.





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There is yoga, there is pilates, and now there is PCM Foam Training. Consider yourself one of the first to come across this innovative modality, new form of training. The PCM Foam Training Program is a mixture of various strength training, myofascial release, balance, endurance, agility equilibrium, and stretch training, all in one program. The PCM Foam Training Program, just like our holistic strength training program, is scaled to the classifications of healthy adults, healthy adults advanced, seniors, seniors advanced, and athletes. 

Try our 7 day free trial by downloading the PCM Fitness app to access our Foam Training Program. Choose your classification and experience a well rounded program that takes you from strength training to balance to exerting to calm to healing gratification to rewarding. Our training modality allows and encourages you to develop a relationship with your body and to see that you both speak the same language. When you develop this relationship, you will see that you and your body both desire self improvement and to move towards and achieve such is not a conflict of interest. The thought of exercise and moving should not have you fighting and beating yourself.  PCM helps to enhance this relationship through movement and not by long speeches, studying philosophies, and complex concepts. Start moving with the PCM Foam Training Program and let your body start this dialog today.



I would love to sell you the PCM Foam Roller Stabilizers but the truth is, for the majority of the PCM Foam Training Program, you won't necessarily need them. I made the foam roller stabilizers for participants who cannot stabilize the foam rollers on their own or need aid in starting to stabilize their foam roller. Another truth is, not even I am good enough to stabilize the foam rollers during standing exercises (haha). For these types of exercises, you will definitely need and I would encourage you to get the stabilizers as trying to stand balance without them is too risky and wouldn't be worth it from a risk/reward standpoint. But the stabilizers are great with pivoting and stabilizing the foam roller during some core and lying exercises. Try the 7 day Foam Training Program free trial and see if the stabilizers are for you!

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Resistant to torque or turning when standing on top


4 Rubber feet keeps unit in-place on hard surfaces and carpets


Half pipe design contours to 6" diameter foam rollers for a precise snug fit.


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